Outdoor Bloggers in the Netherlands

The 5 most awesome Outdoor Bloggers in The Netherlands

Who are we?

Outdoorbloggers was founded in 2016 with the aim of joining forces and sharing our passion for the outdoors with the rest of the world. We form an unique partnership within the Dutch influencer industry in the field of adventure travel and the great outdoors.

Every blogger has her own qualities and knowledge areas. For example, we have specialists in the field of hiking, multi-day hikes, adventure trips, cycling and mountain biking and various other outdoor activities. A few of us are also professional photographer and / or video maker.

Work with us

The power of Outdoor Bloggers is that YOU determine which outdoor blogger you want to work with. That can be one blogger, some of us or with all of us. With a hiker or a cyclist. With a photographer or a video maker. The choice is entirely yours!

Each blogger publishes on her own platform and social media channels. This means the content reaches the right audience. Also, the blogger can fully adjust the content to be created. In this way you are assured that the story appeals to the right target group.

Our OutdoorBloggers

Our OutdoorBloggers are: Wanda, Mirre, Bregje, Antonette and Aniek:

Mirre Oost:

Aniek Rooderkerken:
Avontuur op reis
Italiƫ Uitgelicht

Collaborate with one or more outdoor bloggers

Are you looking for the blogger that suits you? Are you interested in working together with one or more outdoor bloggers? Do you want to know what we can do for you? Download our media kit and rates list or contact us via info[at]outdoorbloggers.nl for a no-obligation conversation.

Consider, for example:

  • Press trips with an outdoor character (nature, outdoor, adventure)
  • Reviews about outdoor gear
  • Sponsored content within the adventure/outdoor section
  • Lectures and presentations

Some collaborations we have had in recent years:

  • Routebureau Utrecht
  • Austrian Tourist Office
  • SNP Natuurreizen
  • Osprey Europe

To strengthen our cooperation, we organise workations in the Netherlands or surrounding countries twice a year. During this workation we brainstorm about new ideas, we set out together to take photos and we inspire each other to push our limits.

Contact us

Are you interested in a collaboration? You can contact us via info[at]outdoorbloggers.nl.